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Nice On is a pop-funk powerhouse with a reputation for fueling high energy dance moves on and off stage. The band features soulful vocals, wild percussion, bass grooves, catchy guitar riffs, tight horn lines, and heavy live improvisation. The band’s debut live off the floor album No Jokes released in April 2023 alongside their latest unreleased gems have brought a fresh and exciting sound to local venues and festivals, leaving crowds eagerly anticipating their next performance. 


"It’s Nice On the ears." - Anonymous

Meet the band



Funky bassist by day, production wizard by night, Adam lays down the groove and drops the one keeping the band on their toes and Nice On fans on their feet. Self described "electronic trash" Adam's electro project Bad Atlas is a real treasure, actively writing and releasing new music that will have you tongue tied and waiting for more. 

Check out for more of Adam's latest work.



Brittany Blair crafts fun, fresh, thoughtful lyrics and melodies for Nice On and packs a powerful and versatile vocal punch. From soft, sweet melismas to heavy soulful belting, She electrifies. 


Brittany’s solo indie-dream-pop/rock music can be found under the pseudonym Jacuzziuit.

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Bringing the heat to our horn section, Helena is a multi-instrumentalist with a focus on jazz and funk saxophone. 

Helena has been actively collaborating within the Kingston music scene across many genres, recently featuring with the mighty Hinterwood, Kakaow and Frank Ryan. Her cool jazz sax/guitar duo project Room Tone has gained notice for their 2021 debut album In Side. 


Find out more about Helena's upcoming work at


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Pulling from a wide array of musical influences, Jordan focuses on serving every Nice On tune with a deep and funky pocket that gets listeners and audiences from venue to venue movin’ and groovin’. 


Jordan can also be heard as a multi-instrumentalist/producer on his solo project “mish mash” that pays homage musically to all of his favourite artists. 

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This man is a charismatic character. In charge of congas, bongos, and anything percussive, he’ll smack skins until the morning comes.


A little sprinkle of sugar is what he adds to the band and he loves all Nice On fans. With too much silver on and not enough buttons done up on his shirt, Nice On brings you, the spice of aux percussion, Justin Veri.


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Tyson lends Nice On his simple yet catchy guitar lines with a powerful stage presence. He pulls from the styles of blues, rock, and jazz and spins a funky feel into each note. You are guaranteed to jump up and down with this hype man.


Alongside being a Solo artist, He is also a talented Jazz-Inspired vocalist. Crooning alongside his pals “The Evans boys” in the emerging Jazz trio “The Mourning Doves”

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